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Supply Chain Integrity

When it Comes to Firmware Security, Your Supply Chain is Already Compromised

It only takes one hacked chip to impact the security of an any device. And it only takes one hacked device to wreak havoc across an entire network. And when most of your electronic components come from overseas, you’ve got a perfect storm. Every single major IT, OT, and IoT manufacturer should be concerned about firmware and hardware hacks at the manufacturing level.

Your devices can be compromised anywhere in your supply chain, from OEM to production.

Bad actors have the power to implant malicious chips and compromise the firmware of any device. But stealing sensitive mission-critical data is the least devastating result of a firmware compromise. If these devices are on your network, the attackers can take control over them to lie, spy, steal and destroy your assets.

Trapezoid Marker Technology Can Help You Secure Your Supply Chain

Trapezoid provides a simple solution to secure devices at the supply chain: our patented Trapezoid Marker technology. The Marker is a user-definable, digital “tamper proof seal” that any OEM or other Trapezoid customer can implement. OEMs can use the Trapezoid Marker to verify every step of the supply chain. Tampering with any Trapezoid Marker component will break the digital “seal” and renders the device “not trusted.” The Trapezoid Marker is the basis for a Zero-Trust model that OEMs and customers can adopt as part of their supply chain integrity posture.

If your supplier adopts the Trapezoid Marker technology, you can confirm device integrity from assembly line to your production environment. When you deploy the device into production, Trapezoid FIVE can include the OEM Marker in its regular monitoring cycle. This means no break in the chain of custody for that device. You can continue using the OEM Marker as an added safeguard to immediately alert you of changes in the OEM’s recommended state for your most high-value, mission critical devices.

Patented Trapezoid Marker

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